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Denise Hinder has been training professionally since 1994.   This wasn’t her life plan.  However, due to the day to day stress of coping in the corporate business world, she retreated to her equestrian passions for therapy.

With great dedication and success in the show ring in pleasure driving, Denise’s talents became noted by Fred DeBoer Royal Friesians, Tulare, CA.   Impressed with her ability to beat the Friesians consistently with her “backyard trained horse”, Mr. DeBoer made an offer for Denise to come work at his facility which happened to come at a fortuitous time as she was ready to make a move outside of the corporate world.  It was at DeBoer’s facility that she was introduced to Combined Driving Eventing.  

Denise worked diligently on her skills alongside Gene Hilty of Van Exel Belgians.  Over the next ten years, Denise continued to excel professionally and personally.   

In 2000, she opened her own facility to train a multitude of breeds.   In 2008, she relocated to Texas and began steadily building her clientele.    In 2011, Pleasanthill Friesians proudly partnered with Denise to bring on their Friesian horses.  


Denise predominately trains Friesians, but will take selected outside equine breeds.  


Denise says “I let the horses I train speak for me as to my ability. My methods are a bit unorthodox by today’s standards, but my show record more than reflects the success my methods generate.  I have an open door policy where anyone is welcome to come and visit and try their hand at driving if for nothing else the experience of something new to try!”  


Welcome to Pleasanthill.   Contact us for a visit.

Welcome to Pleasanthill.  Contact us for a visit

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